If you’ve ever wondered which Dog Apps would best suit you and your dog, we’ve done all the hard work for by breaking them down into our personal favourites! You’re welcome!

Amazing Apps for Training!

1. Puppr
This App includes the help of dog training stars to give you and your puppy a great and effective experience in training!

2. iTrainer
We think that iTrainder would make a great accompaniment for Puppr, because it provides you and your puppy with different whistle tones for training. Also, it can be used to gain your dog’s attention when you are out and about!

Our Favourite Fun Apps!

3. Rate my pet
4. Human-to-Dog Translator
These can be enjoyed by the whole family and will bring essential bonding time for you and your dog, with lots of laughs and barks!

Lots of Locations for you to explore!

5. ScritchSpot
6. Bring Fido 3
Ever have trouble finding dog-friendly locations for you and your dog to enjoy? These apps are great for allowing you to access dog-friendly maps, cafes, hotels, and much more!

7. Twindog
We believe that this app would work paw-fectly alongside ScritchSpot and Bring Fido 3, because it allows you to find other like-minded pet-lovers, enabling you and your dog to find the perfect travel buddies!

Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy!

8. Pet First Aid from American Red Cross
We understand that it is top priority to ensure that your dog is both happy and healthy! These apps are our top picks for giving you a convenient and easy-to-access way of ensuring that your dog is always in tip-top condition!
It’s never been easier to access First Aid information for your dog, no matter where you are! With this app featuring interactive quizzes, videos and step-by-step guidance, you can care for your dog with confidence.

9. Dog Buddy
We understand that life can get in the way of keeping on top of your four-legged friend’s milestones. That why we recommend that fabulous app that allows you to take photos and track special milestones that your dog reaches! Also, it allows you to keep track of all your four-legged friend’s vaccines and other must-have information – all in the palm of your hand and just a few taps away!

10. Pitpat
11. Tractive
We highly recommend these two apps for keeping track of your four-legged friend’s activity levels and steps. This can be super helpful for finding exactly where you dog might be residing, and for when you’re away from your dog for a while and would like to know how active they have been - aiding you in ensuring that they are always of their very best health! You simply attach the tracking device to your dog’s collar and let it work its magic! Tractive, also has the great feature of recommending an exercise goals and assistance in tracking progress!

Delightful Dog-Minding Choices!

12. Pawshake
13. Rover
We hope these top choices will help you to find trustworthy dog-sitters, allowing you to be rest assured that your dog is in safe hands whilst they can’t be in yours!