Diary Dates to note for you and your furry friend…

National Train Your Dog Month

January 2021

The Month of January 2021 is National Train Your Dog Day! What new tricks will you be teaching your four-legged friend?!

Our mouth-watering naturally wheat free dog treats made with real cheddar cheese or peanut butter with natural colours and flavours. These Chewdles Chunks are the perfect training treat for dogs.

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National Peanut Butter Day!

24th January 2021

Just like their owners, dogs love peanut butter and dog-friendly peanut butter can be a great dog training aid for you furry friend too!

Although dogs love peanut butter, it cannot contain xylitol as it is an artificial sweetener which is highly toxic to your four legged friend and must be avoided at all costs!

Peanut butter products with the ingredient palm oil should also be avoided as it has laxative effects and can cause lasting stomach  upsets for your dog.

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National Dog Biscuit Day

23rd February 2022

23rd February 2021 marks National Dog Biscuit Day! How are you celebrating dog biscuit day with you four-legged friend?

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I hope your furry friend will be wagging their tails with excitement when you serve their favourite biscuits on this special day!

Pet Dental Health Month

February 2022

February 2021 is Pet Dental Health Month!

Plaque builds up every day on your four-legged friends’ teeth and their gum lines which can harden leaving them with tartar; this can produce just the right environment for certain types of bacteria that can be harmful to dogs!

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National Puppy Day

23rd March 2022

March 23rd is National Puppy Day! Puppies are packed full of energy and it’s important that your four-legged friend learn to be themselves and food plays such an important part and a healthy pup is a happy pup!

All of our Chewdles Treats are suitable for all dogs over 12 weeks, click here to see our yummy range of treats!

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Active Dog Month

April 2022

April 2021 is both Canine Fitness and Active Dog month!

Nothing beats a dog friendly walk, we would love to know your favourite dog friendly walking destinations near you and our tasty dog treats are perfect whilst on a dog walk and will certainly keep them coming back for more!

Have you seen our article on Dog Yoga? A brilliant activity to keep active and entertained with your furry pal…!

Dog Anxiety Awareness Week

2nd-8th May 2021

Anxiety in dogs is commonly triggered by loud noises such as fireworks, stressful environments such as the vets or separation anxiety.

It is important to understand the triggers and if it is something which can be avoided, then removing your four-legged friend from the situation that causes anxiety will instantly help.

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National Dog Party Day!

21st June 2022

Our four-legged friends are there for us every day, and bring us so much joy as well as comfort.

Celebrating dogs that are part of the family happens all year round but why not have an entire day for it too!

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National Dog Photography Day!

26th July 2022

What pet parent doesn’t love taking pictures of their four-legged friend… so take full advantage and take some pics of your dogs and post to our social media for us to see!

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This August we would love to talk about RAWgust, raw diets typically consist of a combination of raw meat and other uncooked fruits and vegetables and feeding this to our four-legged friends. This month we aim to increase awareness of consuming/preparing raw foods and the potential health benefits.

An abundance of pet owners chose to raw feed… but why?

Some pet parents believe it as being a more “natural” option to complete dog food and often claim that there are a lot of good changes in their pet from doing so. Owners have claimed to see a glossier coat, more energy and less smelly stools!

Raw feeding can be tricky when prepared at home, without professional advice you could have an unbalanced diet so if you do choose to raw feed please consult a pet nutritionist or vet; alternatively there are brands that have raw food pre-prepared to avoid any imbalances in dietary requirements.

The benefits of raw feeding over complete pet food have not been proven by official studies and arguments for raw feeding are based on the experience of individual owners.

Please get in touch on our socials and tell us how you like to feed your dog and what works for you!

National Deaf Dog Awareness Week.

20th – 26th September 2022

Some dogs are born deaf, and others lose their hearing from injury, illness or old age, either way on the last week of September we dedicate this time to raise awareness and knowledge to improve the lives of dogs living with hearing difficulties.

Signs your dog could be losing their hearing:

  • If your dog usually responds to the rattle of a full food bowl or reacted on hearing a knock at the door and no longer responds to these usual triggers, it could be a telling sign that they are experiencing some hearing loss.
  • If you start to notice a difference where your dog has always greeted you when you arrive home but then you start finding him asleep or not responding to you before they see you when you get in, it may be because he can no longer hear your car pulling into the driveway or hear you entering the house.
  • Your dog may act surprised when touched whilst asleep and may even start to snap out of sleep due to the shock of being stroked.

If you’re concerned that your dog might not be able to hear you properly, it’s important you take him to your vet as soon as possible as it could just be an ear infection, however it could be deafness.


National Animal Safety and Protection Month

October 2022

This month reminds us of the responsibility that lies with us pet parents to look after the wellbeing of our animals, even if we don’t plan for illness, accidents and emergencies happen and we should always be prepared for these.

We should take steps to be proactive and make sure our dogs are fully vaccinated as advised by vets to avoid illness that can be so easily avoided. Vaccinations have continued to keep our pets safe and such as canine parvovirus and canine distemper, feline leukaemia, or equine tetanus, have been largely reduced – in some cases, nearly eliminated – by vaccination.

When getting a dog, it is sensible to protect them from any hazards, so we recommend removing or secure any potential choking hazards and any chemicals that could be toxic to animals.

A major telling sign that there is something wrong with your animal could be a change in behaviour, and you know your pet best, so if you experience any concerning behaviour changes make sure to contact your vet if you are unsure.

As a pet owners, their safety is our number one priority, so make sure to be aware of the risks and take precautions to protect your fur baby!

National Cook For Your Pet Day!

1st November 2022

The first day of November is national cook for your pet day, there are so many benefits to cooking your dog’s food at home, but also some risks that you should be aware of to make sure your dogs are healthy and happy.

Cooking for your furry friend, can offers benefits like diet management and satisfying picky eaters however, common home cooking mistakes include using unsafe ingredients and not preparing balanced meals to support the diet needed.

There are no scientifically supported benefits to making your pets food at home, foods made commercially are curated to be complete and balanced to support the dog’s needs. If you choose to make your dogs food from home, please consult your vet to ensure they are receiving the perfect amount of nutrients they need to thrive as some online information can potentially be misleading.

Make sure you are always aware of which foods are safe for dogs as some foods are highly toxic to dogs.

Animal Rights Awareness Day.

10th December 2022

Human Rights Day is celebrated every year, but some animal rights activists believed that animals also have rights not to suffer pain and die because of human activity so now we have we celebrate Animal Rights Awareness day to raise show that animals have their own rights.

The animal rights movement strives to make the public aware of the fact that animals are more sensitive, emotional, and intelligent than people have previously believed. They believe that all living things should be treated with respect and have the same right to be protected from ill-treatment as humans do.