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27th August 2019
13 Dog Happy Apps For All Your Doggy Needs!

If you’ve ever wondered which Dog Apps would best suit you and your dog, we’ve done all the hard work for by breaking them down into our personal favourites! You’re welcome!

29th July 2019
Biscuits to Bark for this Summer

Biscuits to Bark for this Summer! This month the weather has been beautiful and has meant our furry friends have...

7th March 2019
Meet our pet shops

Did you know that our yummy Chewdles dog treats and completes are stocked in pet shops up and down Great Britain? Head to your local pet shop and you will discover a selection of Chewdles semi-moist treats and completes - from our semi-moist chicken chunk, oven-baked puppy milky bones to every pooches favourite semi-moist chicken complete!

26th February 2019
Walk your dog for delicious treats!

Win tasty dog treats for your furry friend! The sun has started to come out and the dark nights are...

3rd January 2019
Win delicious treats for your furry friend!

To celebrate the new year in full swing, we are giving away some tasty treats... simply post a photo of your furry friend to our social feeds before midnight 6th January and you could win!

14th September 2018
The adventures of Bailey & Biscuit ...

Meet Bailey and Biscuit, two energetic Cocker Spaniel puppies who simply adore their Chewdles treats. These two beautiful boys live in the Yorkshire countryside and enjoy nothing more than long country walks together with their parents.

10th September 2018
Changing your dog’s food

We all want the best for our pets and sometimes that means changing their food. It could simply be that your favourite brand is no longer available or that you want to try a different type of food for your pet.

10th September 2018
Blankney family dog show

This August we donated several of our delicious semi moist completes and treats for prizes at the Blankney Family Dog Show.

10th August 2018
Staying cool in summer

Although we’re now into August, it’s still very warm for our furry friends. This month we asked our Chewdles customers to share their top tips for keeping dogs cool.

10th August 2018
Enjoying the wild side of life

The summer always brings lots of opportunities to get close to wildlife, whether its bees and butterflies busying themselves in the hedgerows and fields, or birds playing in woodland. With the countryside alive with the sounds of nature, it’s the perfect time to get out and about with your dog.

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